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Live Broadcasting Our Rickshaw Run!

Rickshaw Run April 2015...T-15 days

In two days I’ll be arriving in India to begin final preparations for the Rickshaw Run, which begins April 6th. One of the unique things my team and I have decided to do with this project is to strap four GoPros on our rickshaw and record every teeth-rattling nail-biting “oh crap I think I just peed my pants” moment. Live Streaming Videos   We will be posting short clips of this footage on YouTube daily starting April 6th, as well periodically live streaming from the rickshaw using a new app called Meerkat.   Live streaming times will be posted on […]

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The Rickshaw Run: An Extreme 3-Wheeled 3,000km Race Across India

The Rickshaw Run 2015

What is the only thing more insane than the roads of India? A 3,000 kilometre (1,900 mile) two week long race across the country on three wheels! Of course rather than competing against locals, this race is aimed at foreigners. That’s right, foreigners who may have an international drivers license but have absolutely no idea how to handle the chaos of the mean streets of India. To Kick Things Off We Have A Contest You could win $50 for helping us pick our team name. More on that after the Who-What-Where-When-and-Why of the Rickshaw Run: Who After deciding to compete […]

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Top Culinary Achievements Of 2014 + Photos & Videos

This mysterious Vietnamese seafood dish was served ice cold and definitely qualifies as strange food

2014 has been a fun-filled and food-filled year but not one without it’s share of trials and tribulations (case in point getting locked up abroad for 16 days and eventually deported because of a tweet). But through it all I’ve kept on the hunt for more tasty foods to try, whether strange or taboo or just something new. This year saw two repeats from years past, but the differences in preparation or countries is enough to justify mentioning these dishes again. So without further ado, here we go! Bull Penis   Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Let’s start with the […]

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Derek Drives That! Strange Vehicles, Exotic Locations And Unparalleled Mischief

Derek Drives That! is part of the new HoliDaze travel video series

I love trying out new and strange forms of transportation while traveling but one thing is even more fun: actually driving them! From jeepneys in the Philippines to chicken buses in Guatemala and ojeks in Indonesia, there is no method of transportation I won’t try and no vehicle I cannot drive. And now I’m turning this hobby into a weekly video series. So come follow along on my journey as I convince strangers across the globe to trust me with their keys. What could possibly go wrong? Derek Drives That! kicks off this January and to make sure you never […]

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FriFotos: Hilarious Signs From Around The World

Hilarious Sign: Better to pay a cook than a doctor

Few things in life are more amusing in life then those signs you see while traveling. Some are confusing, others are lost in translation, and a few are just downright funny. Here is a collection of the most hilarious signs I have seen in the last six months or so. Which one is your favorite? Two of my favorites that I don’t have photos of are “cat oven” and “exotic supercar parking only,” both of which were found in Jakarta. What Is The Most HilariousSign You Have Ever Seen? View The FriFotos Archive The Amazing Fruits Of Asia

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The Best New Travel Blogs Of March 2014

My Wanderlist

Presenting my second installment of The Best New Travel Blogs You Haven’t Heard Of Yet. After the phenomenal feedback from my first article on new travel bloggers I decided to turn this into a monthly post here at the HoliDaze. So, if you happen to be a new blogger within the last 12 months — or know of an awesome new travel blog — then feel free to submit your recommendations at the bottom of this post for consideration in the upcoming edition this April. My Wanderlist   Travel Curiously   Now although the following blogs are listed in no […]

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The Amazing, Weird And Exotic Fruits Of Southeast Asia

Fruits Of Asia: Dragonfruit

New foods and traveling go hand in hand with each other. If you aren’t going to sample the local cuisine and instead prefer your McDonald’s, well then you might want to think twice about traveling somewhere exotic. Those type of people are scaredycat travelers — brave enough to travel but still fearful of trying anything new — and although they may feel safe and secure with their comfort foods, all they are doing in fact is making the rest of us look ignorant. Besides, life starts just outside of your comfort zone…so go on, live life! Try something new.   […]

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FriFotos: Impressive Flames And Unparalleled Fun At Burning Flipside

Burning Flipside Effigy Burn

“What is Burning Flipside?” you ask. Well, it’s the younger sister of Burning Man, the infamous week-long festival celebrating radical self-expression, love, art, and yes, other less than admirable qualities including — but not limited to — excessive drug and alcohol use, nudity, and sex. However if any of my burner (the term for regular Burning Man attendees) friends ever heard me utter those last few words then I would have hell to pay for painting these events in a negative light. In truth Burning Man and Burning Flipside are ridiculous amounts of fun. In keeping with my complete, even […]

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Banyusumurup Traditional Village, Home Of The Keris

The Kris

In my quest to explore the non-touristy side of Indonesia I recently took a day-trip out to Banyusumurup, a small village located southeast of Yogyakarta and home to dozens of skilled craftsmen that still produce the renowned keris. Although the village itself is well off the beaten path, the keris themselves — despite their rich history and cultural significance — are nowadays almost exclusively produced as tourist souvenirs and sold throughout the country. A keris (pronounced with a silent ‘e’ and also occasionally spelled kris) is a traditional dagger of Indonesia. In the past it was carried both as a […]

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A Summer Job In The California Marijuana Fields

California's Cash Crop

Worth over $2 billion annually, California‘s world-renowned wines used to be its number one cash crop, but now they’ve been surpassed — err..blown away — by the marijuana industry, which according to a 2011 report is worth $14 billion, a whopping seven times that of the vineyards! And it’s growing every year. It should go without saying that northern California has quite a unique and interesting culture, with the cultivation and possession of the valuable plant legal on the state level but illegal on the national. Religious groups also frequently join in the foray by funding private eradication teams as […]

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