FriFotos: Hilarious Signs From Around The World

Hilarious Sign: Better to pay a cook than a doctor

Few things in life are more amusing in life then those signs you see while traveling. Some are confusing, others are lost in translation, and a few are just downright funny. Here is a collection of the most hilarious signs I have seen in the last six months or so. Which one is your favorite? Two of my favorites that I don’t have photos of are “cat oven” and “exotic supercar parking only,” both of which were found in Jakarta. What Is The Most HilariousSign You Have Ever Seen? View The FriFotos Archive The Amazing Fruits Of Asia

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The Best New Travel Blogs Of March 2014

My Wanderlist

Presenting my second installment of The Best New Travel Blogs You Haven’t Heard Of Yet. After the phenomenal feedback from my first article on new travel bloggers I decided to turn this into a monthly post here at the HoliDaze. So, if you happen to be a new blogger within the last 12 months — or know of an awesome new travel blog — then feel free to submit your recommendations at the bottom of this post for consideration in the upcoming edition this April. My Wanderlist   Travel Curiously   Now although the following blogs are listed in no particular order, that does not apply for this first one. My buddy Brad is a downright badass and currently attempting to corner the adventure travel niche with stories like no other. And let me […]

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The Amazing, Weird And Exotic Fruits Of Southeast Asia

Fruits Of Asia: Dragonfruit

New foods and traveling go hand in hand with each other. If you aren’t going to sample the local cuisine and instead prefer your McDonald’s, well then you might want to think twice about traveling somewhere exotic. Those type of people are scaredycat travelers — brave enough to travel but still fearful of trying anything new — and although they may feel safe and secure with their comfort foods, all they are doing in fact is making the rest of us look ignorant. Besides, life starts just outside of your comfort zone…so go on, live life! Try something new.   Fruit Is Nature’s Candy   Fruit never killed anybody and is certainly a lot less likely to give you food poisoning than that questionable mystery meat you purchased from a street vendor. “Wait…is this […]

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FriFotos: Impressive Flames And Unparalleled Fun At Burning Flipside

Burning Flipside Effigy Burn

“What is Burning Flipside?” you ask. Well, it’s the younger sister of Burning Man, the infamous week-long festival celebrating radical self-expression, love, art, and yes, other less than admirable qualities including — but not limited to — excessive drug and alcohol use, nudity, and sex. However if any of my burner (the term for regular Burning Man attendees) friends ever heard me utter those last few words then I would have hell to pay for painting these events in a negative light. In truth Burning Man and Burning Flipside are ridiculous amounts of fun. In keeping with my complete, even dangerous levels of candor here at the HoliDaze, let me just put it this way: the only times I’ve ever been on over a dozen different illegal drugs at once was at Burning Flipside. […]

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Banyusumurup Traditional Village, Home Of The Keris

The Kris

In my quest to explore the non-touristy side of Indonesia I recently took a day-trip out to Banyusumurup, a small village located southeast of Yogyakarta and home to dozens of skilled craftsmen that still produce the renowned keris. Although the village itself is well off the beaten path, the keris themselves — despite their rich history and cultural significance — are nowadays almost exclusively produced as tourist souvenirs and sold throughout the country. A keris (pronounced with a silent ‘e’ and also occasionally spelled kris) is a traditional dagger of Indonesia. In the past it was carried both as a weapon and a spiritual object. They were often considered to possess magical powers, especially if the owner were to find the keris — or more properly put, the keris were to find its owner. […]

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A Summer Job In The California Marijuana Fields

California's Cash Crop

Worth over $2 billion annually, California‘s world-renowned wines used to be its number one cash crop, but now they’ve been surpassed — err..blown away — by the marijuana industry, which according to a 2011 report is worth $14 billion, a whopping seven times that of the vineyards! And it’s growing every year. It should go without saying that northern California has quite a unique and interesting culture, with the cultivation and possession of the valuable plant legal on the state level but illegal on the national. Religious groups also frequently join in the foray by funding private eradication teams as well as attack campaigns that target both the industry and any politicians supporting the industry. But it is also a very well-paying job and thus there is never a shortage of willing applicants. The […]

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Random Travel Facts: The Final Round

Urban City

Missed Any Facts? Collection #01 Collection #02 Collection #03 It is with a little bit of sadness that I announce this final round of #TravelFacts. While I am sure more exist, by this point there are just too scattered and obscure for me to focus my time hunting for. The day I get an intern though… If you know of any that I have missed, now is your last chance to share them below! If you have one that makes any of us here at the HoliDaze go WOW then I have a gift for you!   Of the eight countries which include the word “democratic” in their conventional long form name, three are dictatorships: North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), Laos (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) and the Democratic republic of the Congo. […]

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What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten while traveling?

Strange Food

I’ll start in Japan I tried everything that was handed to me 99% good. Then I tried this octopus and I am not sure how it was prepared etc but that thing was nasty. It was hard and rubbery like chewing on a piece of tire. I tried to take one quick bite so I could swallow it. This one quick bite took some jaw power and when it separated the other piece shot across my mouth and hit my other cheek. Then I washed it down quickly with some beer and smiled while trying to hide the fact that I was gagging. Luckily our local friends were so busy talking I think Derek was the only one who noticed. Comment with your stories!   For More Exciting Posts (And Strange Foods) From Derek’s […]

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My Travel Bucket List Is Better Than Yours

North Korean Mass Games

Now in a relationship with a lovely lady still a couple months away from graduating, I have grudgingly had to accept the fact that it will be a couple months before I — we — can resume traveling. In the meantime I am forced to re-live past adventures by catching up on blog posts and HoliDaze articles while salivating on how great it will be to immerse myself in some new foreign cultures… I know, boring right? But at least it has allowed me to find the time to get up and running. Call it an explanation or an excuse, whichever you like, but either way I have spontaneously delayed my travel plans. But then again that is how I live: spontaneously. That also allows me to catch up on my to-do list, […]

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Highlight Of The Week: Caño Cristales

Show up at the wrong time though and all you see is boring old green

Now this is truly a unique sight like no other! Everyone has seen algae, that icky often green stuff that grows in water all over the world — but have you ever seen rainbow-colored algae? That is what happens for a brief period every year at a remote river in Colombia, South America. The Caño Cristales River located high in the Serrania de la Macarena Mountains is one that most travelers have never even heard of. It’s location is so remote that the river does not even have any fish and you can only get there after a long trek via foot or donkey! But that is not all, it gets trickier… This multicolored algae occurs only during the brief period in between the wet and dry seasons, usually in September or October. At […]

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