FriFotos: Escalators Are Stairs… Right?

Escalators: Stairs of the fut--err present.

I’ve got a serious question for you: what do you think of escalators? Are they the stairs of the future (this week’s FriFotos theme) or merely the public transportation version of the once elegant and sophisticated staircase?

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Batanes: A Photographer’s Dream Destination

Morong Beach, Sabtang Island, Batanes

Ask any Filipino what is on their bucket list and almost every one will mention visiting Batanes. Although tourism is a big part of what sustains these islands — life here is not cheap given the fact that everything has to be flown in from Manila — nearly all tourists are Pinoy. Perfect for me [...]

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FriFotos: Street Meat: As Fresh As It Gets

Bangkok Butcher

I love everything about street food. The unparalleled taste. The plastic chairs intended for children. The surrounding ambiance of wherever in the world you might be. And yes, even the questionable level of hygiene. When I think of fresh — this week’s FriFotos theme — I cannot help but think of street food. Although to [...]

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FriFotos: Perfect Panoramas From All Over The World…But Which Is Perfect For You?

Lombok Island Panorama

Everyone has a different idea of perfection so I’ve compiled perfect sights and times from around the world for this week’s FriFotos theme. Take a look at tell me which one best describes your perfect day? Finding A Perfect Island Paradise? Driving Down A Deserted Road Through A Perfect Landscape? Relaxing On A Perfect Deserted [...]

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The Amazing, Weird And Exotic Fruits Of Southeast Asia

Fruits Of Asia: Dragonfruit

New foods and traveling go hand in hand with each other. If you aren’t going to sample the local cuisine and instead prefer your McDonald’s, well then you might want to think twice about traveling somewhere exotic. Those type of people are scaredycat travelers — brave enough to travel but still fearful of trying anything [...]

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