How Long-Term Travel Changes People Forever

Group Lunch

Last week I celebrated my five year anniversary of quitting my job to travel the world. While it’s no secret that I didn’t start blogging until about two years ago, I have nonetheless learned more in the last five years than I have in the 24 years prior to that. In fact if you’re brave (or bored) enough you can even find some of my old, drunken rambles (I loathe to call them posts) still online; they date back as far as 2008 and were intended only for friends back home, so don’t expect much. Regardless of whether you are travel blogging, working as a digital nomad, on a gap year, pursuing a RTW trip or even just living your retirement to the max, long-term travel makes a far greater impact on a person [...]

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5 Years Ago Today I Quit My Job To Travel The World

Motocycling Around Elephant Reserve

I never thought this day would come. In fact when I first quit my corporate life to start traveling the world I never knew or cared about where I would be in five years. Or even five months for that matter. All I realized was that I wanted — no, needed — to break free from my cubicle and see what all I had been missing out on. For the previous four and a half years my life had been work, sleep, and repeat. I had no social life, no girlfriend, and almost zero free time. It was work, work, work, and all in pursuit of that “American Dream.” Get a job, buy a house, work your way up the corporate ladder, and somewhere along the way find time to start a family. Although [...]

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FriFotos: Mmmm This Food Looks Tasty…Or Not


Trying new foods while traveling is one of my biggest passions. I am most definitely one of those adventurous eaters as well. “Don’t be afraid of what I eat — be afraid of what I won’t eat! As such I was delighted when I heard that this week’s FriFotos theme is “tasty” — the only hard part is choosing what photo to pick. Something that is tasty or something that looks tasty — because we both know there is a big difference between the two. In the end I had to choose more than one photo… My First Love Will Always Be Bacon It Also Turns Out That Pigeon Is Actually Quite Tasty… …As Is Bone Marrow   For even more exotic foods check out my Culinary Achievements Of 2013 Ever Eaten Street Meat [...]

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Farewell 2013: My Travel Year In Photos

Grand Mosque In Abu Dhabi, UAE

All last month my fellow travel bloggers were sharing their top photos and recommended gift ideas for travelers. Never one to hop on an overcrowded bandwagon I decided to abstain from it all. Well that and most of my photographs are not that worthy of repeated sharing, although to be fair my photography skills have improved dramatically over this last year. That is why I have finally started to watermark them. However as 2013 was such a fantastic and fun year and I would like to commemorate it in some small way. So I present to you a visual journey through my 2013 adventures. The HoliDaze Year In Photos California I spent the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 in the same place I had for the last three years — California, USA. [...]

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6-Months Into My Newest 4-Year RTW Trek: Travel Updates, Accomplishments, And Failures

Driving Around Siak

Over six months ago I left Abu Dhabi and flew one way to Jakarta to begin my four-year RTW land trek. Let me just say right at the start that things are going better than I could have ever planned! Of course considering the fact that I did absolutely zero planning before starting this trip — no checking visa requirements or recommended shots, no mapping a route or any country / transportation / immigration research, literally nothing except drawing a squiggly line on a map to indicate a rough route — the fact that things have gone this well is quite amazing. That is one reason why I am big advocate of not planning your travels. If you just go with the flow then you’ll find that most often things work out as they [...]

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Surprisingly Easy Countries For Americans To Visit

New Zealand

An American passport is like a golden ticket to go almost anywhere you want. Visa? Letter of invitation? Pre-approval? Excessive paperwork? Ha — not for nine out of ten countries. The only problem is barely a third of all Americans have a passport and many never even use it. If they do, all-too-often it’s only for a brief visit to Mexico or Canada. It turns out that most Americans have a lot to learn about international travel. While the length of a non-Visa stay does vary country to country — sometimes three weeks, others three months — Americans are free to buy a plane ticket and fly just about anywhere they want on a whim. That’s why so often you can find “walk into an airport and buy a ticket for the next flight [...]

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