My Six-Month Hippie Road Trip

Burning Flipside 2KX

Have you ever left on what you thought would be a one-week vacation, only to not return home until six months later? Yeah, that is what happened to me during the summer of 2010. (Now that I’ve decided to pursue travel writing, might as well share some of my past adventures that have turned me into the traveler I am today.) It all began, as most wild stories do, with a group of friends. We were rolling out to Burning Flipside 2KX, a week-long event that takes place in central Texas every year during Memorial Day week / weekend. It is pretty much like a miniature Burning Man, for those of you who have been there. But, there are several key differences: Most notably, our effigy changes every year rather than always being a […]

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Wow! What An Epic American Road Trip!

Future Bus

I have so fucking much to say! Wow! First off, forgive the lack of posts this last, well…pretty much all of 2010. I have just been so damn busy as well as on the road non-stop for the last 5-6 months, living with a bunch of hippies and doing the cross-country road trip and music festival thing. So, as you can imagine, I have a lot of pictures to post and articles/adventures to write. However, all I have time to post today is the list of places and events I have been to over the last few months. We covered over half of the states in the continental United States, hit seven music festivals, visited several national parks, experienced 4th of July in Washington, DC, trimmed plants in the hills of California for extra […]

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