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Back Home… And Depressed


Yep, it has been a great three months in Tokyo but this trip has finally come to an end. And damn am I ever depressed. Not once on the trip was I sad, mad, disappointed, or depressed, but now I am all of those things at once. Who would have thought America could be such a let-down… But it is. I am already ready to go back to Japan already, and I have not even been home 24 hours yet. I have got to figure out somewhere new to go ASAP because I do not think I can take it […]

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Okay, Officially Got Lost In Tokyo

Lost In Tokyo

Well, Jared and I got lost for the first time since we’ve been here in Tokyo last night. We both dozed off around 09pm — its gets dark at 5pm here, so that is kind of crazy — after getting ready to hit some clubs. By the time we woke up it was 12:45am, so we just figured we would walk down the street, find the first club, and get our night off to a start. We stopped at this sashimi bar and starting with a few Yebisu beers. Next thing you know our waiter brings us a couple plates […]

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Last Call For Alcohol…Or Souvenirs

Harajuku Girls

Okay, many of you have already told me what you want, but if you haven’t yet, time is running out… This is your last call! Shoot me an email or post a comment, just let me know what you want from Tokyo! As I have said before, I will be bringing back a few dozen shot glasses, t-shirts, and other basic memorabilia to pass around, but you got to specify all custom orders. That includes anything electronic, katanas, kimonas or other clothing, or hey even a wife! Anyway, [got distracted by a phone call]… DAMNIT! Now I have no clue […]

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This Is The Beginning… The Beginning Of My Story

Tokyo, Japan 01

I Am Heading Off To Japan In Less Than 48 Hours! Well, guys, the time is finally drawing near. I am rushing to not only get this site up and ready but also to get myself packed and ready. Let me start off nice and simple with some pictures of Tokyo, particularly Shibuya, one of the most popular wards of Tokyo and soon to be my home for the next 90 days. My buddy Jared will be traveling with me for the first few weeks, but after that I am out on my own. This is going to be the […]

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