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One Night In Bangkok And The World’s Your Oyster…

Superstar Bar @ Patpong

Having spent ten days in Bangkok I can now say that I understand and appreciate the words to the One Night In Bangkok song that much better. But before I get into the sordid nightlife of Thailand‘s capital city, let me just first say a few things: I came to Bangkok for culture and I found plenty of it, especially in hidden, non-touristy neighborhoods — I’ll write about those in my upcoming posts. Originally I had intended to skip the nightlife scene entirely but after making friends at the hostel I was staying at, they convinced me that no trip […]

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FriFotos: View From The 66th Floor Of Swissotel, Singapore #RoomWithAView

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore is an impressive country, but also one that becomes exponentially more fun the more money you have to spend. If you don’t mind shelling out S$900+ ($700USD) for a Crest Suite at the luxurious Swissôtel then you will be treated to not only an amazingly fantastic room but also a breathtaking view from the 66th floor overlooking Marina Bay and downtown Singapore. How Fitting That This Week’s #FriFotos Theme Is #RoomWithAView   And Now A Few Extra Photographs For Your Viewing Pleasure… This is only my second week participating in FriFotos so please let me know what you think […]

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SXSW Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

SXSW Music

Although SXSW (South By Southwest) is a hard to compare experience — over 2,000 bands in one week! — I did try to capture some of the essence on video. Unfortunately I left the digital camera at home as my pockets were already burdened enough with a flask, new band CDs, and the inevitable hundreds of flyers and handouts from various people, bands, and advertisers downtown. As a result these are all smart phone videos. I tweaked the audio on the Santogold performance using Adobe Premiere, as I was standing about six inches from one of the monster speakers at […]

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Austin Comes Alive At SXSW

SXSW - Random Performance

Continuing my documentation of the week-long music festival that is SXSW, I present round two of my photos.   We’re going to try and play a little game. In one of these pictures there is a very small child hidden. Can you find him or her? The first person to comment with the answer will get a prize TBD. No worries, I can assure you that whatever the prize may be, it will have no monetary value, only sentimental. (My funding for the HoliDaze is still quite limited.) I was also given the opportunity to write a guest post for […]

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SXSW: No Words Needed (A Photo Gallery)

Yes, this was Tuesday night... just imagine Thursday... Friday... Saturday!

Why spoil the mood with words when all you need are pictures to tell a thousand stories… well, that and maybe an occasional caption… This is the first of my SXSW posts. I am quite exhausted from the music / food / alcohol / everything of the last week, and this is the best I can — err, am willing to do — on such short notice. Tomorrow I’ll start editing, compiling, and uploading the numerous videos I took. They will hopefully be posted within 24-48 hours or so, no worries. And of course I will be sure to update […]

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My Six-Month Hippie Road Trip (Part 03)

...then filmed a couple mins of footage on the other side of the bus, of the DJs making music and the wildly dancing crowd.

Get Caught Up First   Part 01: Burning Flipside & How It Started     Part 02: Wakarusa & Graceland Arriving in Nashville, Tennessee, we actually had a family waiting to take us in. Max’s godparents live on a large piece of property off 12th avenue, just south of downtown. They have not one but two houses on the lot, with the second one being off-set behind the first and much smaller, like a guest house. This house became home to us derelicts for the next eight or nine days (minus the five days in the middle for Bonnaroo Th-M). […]

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My Six-Month Hippie Road Trip (Part 02)

The Future @ 55 MPH

Get Caught Up First   Part 01: Burning Flipside & The Start Of This Journey Leaving Texas on our road trip we cut through Oklahoma on our way to Ozark, Arkansas, a sleepy little town with a population of around 3,000 that really only comes alive once a year, for the 3-4 days of Wakarusa Music Festival. Still riding the high from our time at Burning Flipside, only three people of the seven aboard the Future bus actually had tickets to Wakarusa. No worries though, we got there early and parked the bus is an awesomely shaded and nearly hidden […]

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