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How to get a job in the California marijuana fields

How To Get A Job In The California Marijuana Fields

Worth over $2 billion annually, California‘s world-renowned wines used to be its number one cash crop, but now they’ve been surpassed — err..blown away — by the marijuana industry, which according to a 2011 report is worth $14 billion, a whopping seven times that of the vineyards! And it’s growing every year. It should go without saying that northern California has quite a unique and interesting culture, with the cultivation and possession of the valuable plant legal on the state level but illegal on the national. Religious groups also frequently join in the foray by funding private eradication teams as […]

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Lack Of Clean Water

Water Wars: Growing Tension Between Bangladesh & India

Have you ever heard of Bangladesh? It’s okay to say no, you won’t be the first one…and I’m sure you won’t be the last. It’s a small country, originally part of Bengal until 1947 when India gained its independence and Bengal was divided along religious lines into East and West sections. West Bengal merged with India while East Bengal became a province of Pakistan before gaining its own independence in 1966 and officially becoming known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is also widely recognized as one of the countries most in danger of being affected by global climate […]

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Cannibals & Crampons Screenhot 4

Need Travel Inspiration? I’ve Got You Covered Here…

Warning: The following documentaries and movies on travel will make you want to drop whatever you are doing and hit the road for some serious traveling, so do not watch them if you have work tomorrow. You will not enjoy your day very much. That having been said, I now present the most inspirational travel videos that I have ever seen. Know of one that is missing? Then leave a comment below and to tell us all about it Cannibals And Crampons Screw saving the best for last, this film deserves to be the first on this list! Cannibals And […]

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