FriFotos: Street Meat: As Fresh As It Gets

Bangkok Butcher

I love everything about street food. The unparalleled taste. The plastic chairs intended for children. The surrounding ambiance of wherever in the world you might be. And yes, even the questionable level of hygiene. When I think of fresh — this week’s FriFotos theme — I cannot help but think of street food. Although to [...]

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4 Weeks to Prepare for a 4-Year RTW Adventure. Oh crap.


That’s right, in just one month I will bid adieu to my house in Austin and embark on my longest and greatest adventure yet. No more ‘six weeks in this country’ or ‘six months on the road,’ this time it’s the infamous “sell all my possessions and buy a one-way ticket” scenario. The wild part [...]

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Spotlight: Alexandra Of Fluent In Frolicking

Alexandra, Beach Gidget

Greetings fellow travel enthusiasts, I’ve got another interesting interview for you. This week’s world wanderer is Alexandra Pucherelli, originally from Hawaii. Now she is proudly living life out of a suitcase and inspiring / encouraging you to do the same. Many of you may recognize her from her blog, Fluent In Frolicking. She also is [...]

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