The Best New Travel Blogs Of June 2014

Odd Years Travel

Ever thought about white-water rafting the Nile, feeding wild hyenas or living with local tribes in the middle of nowhere? Maybe you’ve wondered what the toilets are like in Tajikistan or which cruel African dictator has the most social media followers? Well then these new travel blogs will be perfect for you…enjoy! Just be sure to comment with your favorite Inside Other Places   The World — It’s Not Like On The TV   Graham’s blog might not be up everyone’s alley but I absolutely love it! It’s not all food and beach photos but rather offers a disturbing and often times depressing insight into other places and countries that most travelers never visit. However at least it’s portrayed in a somewhat humorous manner, which in a way almost makes it less dismal…almost. Remember [...]

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The Best New Travel Blogs Of May 2014

42nd Class

Continuing the HoliDaze monthly awards for the Best New Travel Blogs, I proudly present to you the May 2014 edition. Travelling Times   Travel news and views from wanderers, nomads and those who are paid to know   This blog started out a few months ago as a university project by my buddy Andy Parsons, a good Twitter friend of mine and an amazing photographer. Already the site has evolved into a very well-written and informative fresh take on traveling and I anticipate it will continue on long past the days of being a mere project. If you want to find out where to eat in Paris or read a nice article about how beautiful Barcelona is, you might consider looking somewhere more mainstream. However if you want to find out more information about [...]

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The Best New Travel Blogs You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Bemused Backpacker

The sheer number of travel blogs on the web has exploded over the last couple of years and it has gotten increasingly to keep up with all the newest ones, let alone stay up-to-date with all their posts. For quite some time now I have wanted to start a monthly series highlighting my top picks for new and interesting blogs that are worthy of following, as well as provide a medium for others to suggest their own new favorites. After being reminded of this fact a couple days ago on Twitter I’ve decided that now is the time to make this idea a reality. This first edition would have been posted on January 31st had I not been so busy in Nam Dinh, Vietnam celebrating Tet (Vietnamese New Year) with family — not my [...]

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Surprisingly Easy Countries For Americans To Visit

New Zealand

An American passport is like a golden ticket to go almost anywhere you want. Visa? Letter of invitation? Pre-approval? Excessive paperwork? Ha — not for nine out of ten countries. The only problem is barely a third of all Americans have a passport and many never even use it. If they do, all-too-often it’s only for a brief visit to Mexico or Canada. It turns out that most Americans have a lot to learn about international travel. While the length of a non-Visa stay does vary country to country — sometimes three weeks, others three months — Americans are free to buy a plane ticket and fly just about anywhere they want on a whim. That’s why so often you can find “walk into an airport and buy a ticket for the next flight [...]

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Spotlight: Laura Cook, Photographer Extraordinaire

Laura Cook Photography

In my last interview I mentioned how this week’s featured travel blogger is actually a husband and wife duo, Stephen and Laura Cook. However because both of them were such fantastic interviewees I felt the only way to do them justice was with two separate posts. For those of you that missed yesterday’s post, be sure to also read my interesting interview with Stephen Cook. Below is an equally enthralling conversation with Laura Cook. All photographs featured during this interview are hers. You can see more of her work at her web site. And now the thrilling conclusion to my interview with the Cook duo!   Let’s start with the basics: please tell us more about yourself, your photographs, and your new blog, The Thing With Feathers. Hi, I am Laura from England and [...]

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