How Long-Term Travel Changes People Forever

Group Lunch

Last week I celebrated my five year anniversary of quitting my job to travel the world. While it’s no secret that I didn’t start blogging until about two years ago, I have nonetheless learned more in the last five years than I have in the 24 years prior to that. In fact if you’re brave [...]

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5 Years Ago Today I Quit My Job To Travel The World

Motocycling Around Elephant Reserve

I never thought this day would come. In fact when I first quit my corporate life to start traveling the world I never knew or cared about where I would be in five years. Or even five months for that matter. All I realized was that I wanted — no, needed — to break free [...]

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Backpacker Advice: How To Find Romance On The Road

Romance On The Road: Look For Women Eating Alone

Life out of a backpack, always on the move, well it can get tough — especially being alone in one strange place after another. It’s not all glory and glamour, far from it. In fact the road can be a harsh mistress indeed. A lot of us have been there, especially we solo backpackers. Although [...]

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WordPress Plugins Every Travel Blogger Should Use

The New HoliDaze

It’s the new year and high on everyone’s resolutions is to improve their blog. Mine is five years old now* and I’ve been designing web sites for even longer. I’ve seen things change over the years and I know what works and what doesn’t because I’ve tried it all. That having been said, here is [...]

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TBEX Excitement And Last-Minute Tips For Your Speed Dating Pitch

TBEX 2013 Logo

Next week hundreds of travel bloggers will begin converging in Toronto for the annual Travel Blog Exchange, often referred to as TBEX. Although this will be their fourth annual gathering, it will only be my second year to attend. In fact last year was my first opportunity and it was rather impressive. While I know [...]

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