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Highlighting The Best Up-And-Coming Bloggers That You Haven't Met...Yet

Rather than interview Travelin’ Joe with a 100k followers and several books, I am on the hunt for the newest and least-known travel bloggers that are worthy of more attention. Mainstream media has finally begun to accept and even embrace the power of bloggers, but it is primarily the big cats who are getting the most attention.

I aim to remind people that there are lots of other noteworthy travel bloggers out there that deserve more attention than they have thus far received — and I'm hoping to help shine a little bit more of a light on them.

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My Goal With The HoliDaze

Is not to brag about myself or my achievements but rather to connect and network with other travel bloggers, vagabonds, and expats from all corners of the world.

I hope to inspire new travelers by highlighting unique and lesser-known destinations, opportunities for adventures, interesting travel facts, and of course, other awesome blogs and bloggers that are worthy of following.

Words Of Wisdom From A Self-Confessed Travel Freak

Jeremy of travelFREAK

This week I sat down with self-confessed travel freak Jeremy Foster, who many of you probably recognize from his awesome and aptly named blog travelFREAK. Born in America, Jeremy, an IT specialist by trade, packed up his belongings and left home on an open-ended trip to Australia. Years later, he’s still on the move and exploring other countries. He is now a mobile cocktail bartender and the head writer for travelFREAK! You can usually find him on either side of the bar, acting wanky and pretentious about booze. Now let’s see how he handles my questions! Greetings Jeremy. Please introduce […]

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Hannah From Caravan Of One On Why Everyone Should Try Solo Travel

Hannah @ Caravan Of One

This week’s featured blogger is an avid solo traveler who luckily had the joy of experiencing Syria and the Middle East last year, before tensions and turmoil in the region began to rise. Now she is backpacking her way around England and taking things essentially one day at a time. [What a perfect way to live, right?] Let’s Find Out More From This Solo Travel Expert!   Hi Hannah, please tell us more about yourself, your blog Caravan Of One, and your ongoing adventures. I’m just a normal American girl who grew up in a small Midwestern town. I’ve always […]

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Life As A Nomadic Family With The Flashpacker Family

Grand Canyon, USA

I am pleased to announce the return of our weekly interviews with travel bloggers. Presenting the best bloggers you have not yet met…and a few you may already know. Yes, they all do it differently and for different reasons. The places they visit, the sights they see, the events and excursions they each take part of — and of course their styles of writing — each are as varied from the next as possible. But all of them are also alike in their love of travel and their urge to inspire others to do the same. And in my opinion, […]

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Beers And Banter With The Anti-Bear Grylls

Simon & Nicola

This weekend at TBEX only reminded me that no matter how busy I get, I need to stay on top of our weekly travel bloggers interviews. This week we sit down for some beers and banter with Simon of Man Vs World, a fellow I have actually been meaning to interview for a while now and the anti-Bear Grylls. An avid traveler, since January Simon has been on the road again, this time through Southeast Asia. Some of you may know him already, some of you may not, but either way I would like to formally introduce you to another […]

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Important Words From Travel Evangelist Nate At Yomadic

Nate @ Yomadic

I know it has been a few weeks since our last travel blogger interview here at the HoliDaze, but like a fine wine that gets aged just perfectly, this delay has only sweetened this week’s fantastic interview. Yes, it seems like every week the interviewee bar only gets upped, and this one is definitely no exception. I pity whoever has to follow Nate’s interview So Nate, tell us more about yourself and your blog, Yomadic. Hey Derek, I’m an average guy from the most isolated city in the world – Perth, Western Australia. Yomadic is my outlet – and although […]

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Spotlight: Alexandra Of Fluent In Frolicking

Alexandra, Beach Gidget

Greetings fellow travel enthusiasts, I’ve got another interesting interview for you. This week’s world wanderer is Alexandra Pucherelli, originally from Hawaii. Now she is proudly living life out of a suitcase and inspiring / encouraging you to do the same. Many of you may recognize her from her blog, Fluent In Frolicking. She also is a contributing author to the HoliDaze. She also takes awesome photos, which you will see scattered throughout the interview. Now, let’s see how she handles our tough questions! So tell us more about you and your blog, Fluent In Frolicking. I am a 30+ solo […]

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