SXSW Wolfman Violinist

Things like this are perfectly normal in Austin. Our motto is "Keep Austin Weird"

Continuing my documentation of the week-long music festival that is SXSW, I present round two of my photos.

  We’re going to try and play a little game. In one of these pictures there is a very small child hidden. Can you find him or her? The first person to comment with the answer will get a prize TBD. No worries, I can assure you that whatever the prize may be, it will have no monetary value, only sentimental. (My funding for the HoliDaze is still quite limited.)

I was also given the opportunity to write a guest post for The Traveling Fool covering the basics of SXSW. Never been to Austin? Make sure to check out that article as well.


Street art and a glowstick dancer atop the building!

Julie & I

The bass was thumping so hard I have no idea how the tattoo artist kept a steady hand

The street trash piles up fast -- this is at the beginning of the week!

Have you ever been to SXSW?

Share your thoughts with the rest of us!

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